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I kopjes

Kopjes... One of the most charming backdrop you can find during your safari to Kenya is kopjes (pronounced 'kopees'), massive and ancient rocks, which seem to be put there by giants. The most...

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Safari in Kenya is about knowing where and when to go, and with whom. A few weeks too late or too early or a few km off course and you could miss something great! And wouldn’t it be a pity? Look for your ideal safari here or contact me to plan for your once in a life safari.

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Why do birds sing most in the morning?

Why do birds sing most in the morning? When I am on safari one of the best things, in my opinion, is listening to the birds waking up while still lying in bed. The dawn chorus is a worldwide...

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The symbiosis between ants and butterflies

The symbiosis between ants and butterflies

A special symbiosis between butterflies and antsAs preannounced earlier in a recent post, today we talk about the relationship between some species of butterflies and ants.  These ants are the same...

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