Tumbili Cliff Lodge is ideally located on the banks of Lake Baringo, nestled on a rocky hill, 5 meters above the level of the lake.

This privileged position offers a unique view of breathtaking countryside !

The Lodge was imagined and created by Simon Chebon, a native of Baringo, who is a professional ornithological guide and knows the lake and its secrets better than anyone.

Tumbili Cliff Lodge is equipped with a high quality professional astronomical Observatory! The instrument is a Celestron C 14 Schmidt-Cassegrain 355mm in diameter, electronically driven by an equatorial mounting specially modified to operate in the equator.

The geographical location at Lake Baringo has numerous advantages: Access to the southern and the northern hemispheres, underlying on a 1000 meters of altitude, low atmospheric turbulence, absence of light pollution…

In the early evening or under the cover of the African night, the local amateur astronomer will guide you to discover like never before, the planets of our solar system and the wonders of the universe.




Astronomical observatory


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Bird walk


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