Situated on the extreme western edge of the Laikipia Plateau, facing the Lake Baringo, the Gallmann Mukutan Conservancy (Ol Ari Nyiro) is an oasis of 90,000 acres that the writer Best Seller Kuki Gallmann calls home.
Mukutan means “meeting” and that is where many hills and valleys converge in a maze of dense, untouched vegetation and wild animals.
It ‘s rare to find even on Planet Earth a place where you can feel the first visitor. Mukutan Conservancy is that place. In a world that constantly changes this is Unique.
Anyone who has read the touching autobiography “I Dreamed of Africa” Best Seller author Kuki Gallmann knows that his path was not at all easy and that many people, in his place, would eventually desisted.
Kuki Gallmann moved to Kenya from Veneto in the 70s with her second husband, Paul and his son Emanuele.
Here he began his fate, made of passion for this ancestral land and pain. Paul Gallmann died in a car accident in 1980, while his son Emanuele, just 17 years old, died in the arms of Kuki three years later, because of a puff adder bite.
But the strength, the love for a land that now called home and a boundless stubbornness allowed her to go ahead and continue his work in nature conservation and species protection.
Paolo and Emanuele are buried today under two acacia trees and continue to support this great woman, worthy of esteem and admiration, even in the darkest and difficult moments.
After Paolo and Emanuele died fact Kuki Kuki Gallmann founded the Foundation in memory of them, continuing the mission begun with her husband years before.
Today, a large number of rhinos live freely in this reserve, along with leopards, lions, elephants and many other species, although in recent years, poaching has been made more pressing.