The Mathews Forest is set on the Mathews Range, also known as the Lenkiyio Hills, about 150 km long, in the Laikipia region.

Scientists call this mountain forest a ‘sky island’, a chain of peaks surrounded by vast dry plains, up to an altitude of 2200 metres. This ancient mountain forest is a stronghold for a wide range of plant and wildlife species, such as Melanistic leopard, also known as the black panther, lion, forest elephant and antelopes, buffalo, the rare De Brazza monkey, Colobus monkey, greater kudu, waterbuck, giant forest hog as well as Africa’s endangered wild dog.

Over 200 bird species have been counted in the area, together with more than 150 species of butterflies, representing more than twice the amount of butterfly species found in the UK. The mountains are covered in a 300km2 dense indigenous forest interspersed with giant cedars and a rare species of ancient cycad, one of the oldest plant types on the planet, endemic to the Mathews forests, common in the Jurassic era, more than 150 million years ago.

The real attraction of this remote area is its striking beauty and the opportunity to explore forest trails and crystal clear mountain streams by foot in complete privacy as well as to experience unique social interactions with the local Samburu and Ndorobo people, who will share their extensive knowledge. Unlike most of Africa, you can swim and relax in the springs and rivers making this a truly unique experience.