The Galana Wildlife Conservancy borders Tsavo East National Park, North of the Galana River, two hours drive to the coast, and consists of a 60,000 acre wilderness haven for some of the world’s most famous and rarest African wildlife species. It is a crucial un-fenced buffer zone between Tsavo East and human settlement.

We have chosen this place because it is unique and very calm: you can drive for hours and not see another person! The mass-market tourism is attracted by the nearby more renowned Tsavo East, and the Conservancy wildlife thanks for that.

The beautiful Lali Hills and the twisting Galana River dominate the rugged landscape and offer a magnificent glimpse of the real Kenya. With the unfortunate exception of rhino you can expect to encounter all the wonderful wildlife associated with East Africa, like hundreds of elephants, Masai giraffes, zebras, buffalos and the wildlife living in the wooded savannah such as kudu, eland and gerenuk. And, if you are lucky, you can meet one of some elusive leopards resident here. In addition to the larger mammals there is an unsurpassed and really exceptional wealth of bird-life.

Within the Conservancy you are allowed to do night safaris, get off of main tracks, do walking safaris and have thrilling bush dinners; activities not allowed in most national parks such as Tsavo East. That’s why we suggest you visit Galana Conservancy instead of Tsavo East if you stay at the coast and have short time available.

Four striped hyenas, listed as Near Threatened (NT), were identified within the Conservancy in 2014 and Galana Rangers have been creating interest in their plight and developing an effective conservation policy since they found them.