Tented camps and lodges on a safari in Kenya

Sara Gastaldi, Safari Guide, Italy

20 April 2020

There are plenty of tented camps and lodges in Kenya, from the cheapest ones to 5 star luxury level. 

A good compromise is to choose accomodation which are halway between the two extremes, in order to have comfort, a good position to have great game drives and a good service. 

Asilia Naboisho – Naboisho Mara Conservancy

Photo by Sara Gastaldi

Most of tented camps and lodges in Kenya offer a private bathroom, generally built in masonry and equipped with shower and hot water, big beds and mosquito nets. Electricity, in most cases, is available for few hours during the day: at lunchtime, when the staff switch on the generator to prepare meals, and in the evening time until 23/midnight. But there are some accomodation which offer electricity for 24 hours a day. These accomodation generally are those ones with a “commercial” style and high number of rooms, while the others are luxury eco-friendly camps and lodges.

“We have been to Severin Camp, in Tsavo West. Amazing place! We loved the nature around us, impala were coming to our tent to visit us!! Thanks a lot for having chosen the best for us!” Franca P. (Bologna)”

The difference between a tented camp and a lodge is that the first consists of a structure made of canvas, even if the bathroom is usually in masonry anyway, while the second one is totally built with bricks or stone. This last type of accomodation does not mean necessarily it is more comfortable; by the contrary you can have the same comfort level, or even more, staying at a tented camp. Luxury tented camps, also, offer a more magic and romantic athmosphere because they recall mobile tented camps of colonial period.

Severin Camp – Tsavo West

Photo by  Severin Camp

Not to forget that customer good supply, equipments and qualified staff are more difficult to get and also more expensive in remote areas, like in the middle of savannah, and costs for maintanance and management are fairly high. So, we have to be suspicious with those low price accomodation: they could be set in a position not good for game drives, outside parks or conservancy, far from the best areas where to spot wildlife or, worst, where service and the food are very poor.

That’s why it is good to rely on an expert local operator, able to advise you which camps and lodges to choose, in order to receive a good service and with a good value for money ratio, beside to have the certainty to stay in the perfect place for your wildlife sightings. 

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