Emanuel and Sarah are professional guides and safari designers in love with Africa!
They have been living in Kenya since long time and have travelled across Africa over the last decade!
There is perhaps nothing they love more than sharing stories of African travel adventures, such as the complete crossing of Kalahari desert on their own.
Their first-hand experience of living in the bush enables them to design the best itinerary for you, according to your needs and wishes, with a scrupulous eye for detail.
Their target is to make you live an authentic experience, far away from mass-market tourism.

That’s why their safaris are all private and exclusive.

All local drivers and guides have been chosen with great care, in order to assure you the best efficiency and safety on the roads.

Upon request, Emanuel will come with you and film your 4k video to share with your friends.

You will experience this amazing wild adventure with your companions and family!