Make the memory of your safari unforgettable.

PakaSafaris is the only safari company that allows you to take home a fabulous memory: the video of your safari in 4K UHD! You, together with your fellow travellers, will be the real protagonist of these images!

Your 4K UHD safari video


Emanuele, in addition to being a guide, is also a cinema-television operator, former cameraman for RAI Italian television. If your desire is to take home a vivid memory of your experience, Emanuele will take you and your fellow travelers while you live the safari and will mount a movie of about 10/20 minutes (the duration depends on your preferences and the duration of the safari itself). The video is shot with professional equipment in 4K UHD. An enjoyable and useful experience at the same time: you will then have the chance to see yourself again while you watch a lion amazed or walk along the river following the footprints. You will be the protagonist! If you want to see an example of a video to get an idea, please go to the bottom of the page.