PakaSafaris is the only safari company which gives you the opportunity to get your beautiful HD safari video, edited by our professional camera operators.

You and your travel companions will be the real protagonist of this adventure!

Your HD safari video!


Emanuel, besides being a safari guide, is a professional camera operator and, previously, he worked for the italian television.

Therefore, if your dream is to bring home a very clear memory of your african experience, you can take advantage of this unique opportunity and require Emanuel and his team to edit a captivating 10/20 minute high resolution movie!

Its lenght depends on your preferences and duration of your safari as well.

It is an enjoyable and usuful experience at the same time: later on you will have the possibility to see yourself while you gape in wonder in front of an elephant or your companions observe quietly a pride of lion at the waterhole.

At last, but not least, you won’t need to look at the lens the whole time, but you will be free to enjoy wilderness with your own eyes!

If you’d like to watch a video example, you can go down at the bottom of this page.


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