When it comes to witnessing the world-famous Great Migration, Rekero is in prime position. Overlooking the Talek River in Kenya’s  Masai Mara National Reserve, the camp sits next to a main crossing point used by the wildebeest on their epic annual journey.

Guests can watch the herd make this perilous crossing without even leaving the camp. Enjoy this and other wildlife sightings from the comfort of your riverside tent or from one of the two communal decks.

While on a game drive, keep your eyes open for prides of lion waking up for a night of hunting, cheetah scanning the sun-bleached plains from a top a termite mound and elephants drinking at a waterhole. Spend afternoons kicking back with a G&T on the deck to watch the river crossings or stretching out on your private veranda with spectacular views of the herds.

We have chosen this camp, because at Rekero, you’re in good hands. Asilia Rekero team and Maasai guides have years of experience and incredible knowledge of the Masai Mara and its wildlife.


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