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Organized from home.

They are very accessible, likeable, and precise persons. They gave us all information we needed in order to take a decision. At the end we have chosen them for several reasons, in primis security and experience.

Highest professinal standards. Luxury Level.

We’ve chosen “Ghost and the darkness” safari and stayed at Ashnil Aruba Camp (the best in Tsavo).

To wake up early in the morning and meet elephants, bufalos and zebras drinking at the dam is amazing.

Private jeep with local driver and 2 guides!

Annika Rodrigher - 22.01.17

My dream was to do a eco-luxury safari… to see wonderful places and learn something more.. to be in harmony with nature and far from the crowd. With Paka Safaris all this has been possible! Comfort, high level service , excellent food, and magic athmosphere. Do not forget !


What can I tell you ? I was really surprised! A dream come true! I have done a luxury safari and the service was excellent, a 5 star experience in the middle of nowhere! Thanks to Paka Safaris and its guides! You all made this a reality!


Thank you guys for all the beatiful moments we shared together! We will come back

Simona Borgogno - 01.05.16

We took things without hurry, we have seen everyghing the wilderness offered us. Wildlife observation time was very long and , anyway, at our discretion.

When coming back we had extra lunch in another high quality camp with swimming pool and a tent at our disposal.

We have been more than satisfied. Fantastic experience that gave us infinite emiotions and also, 2 friends more.. our guides!

Thanks to Sarah and Emanuel

Alessandro Villagrossi - 24.02.17

I suggest this safari company to those who wish to see Kenya, as a traveller, not as a tourist, accompanied by expert guides.

Angel - 02.09.16

I have been to Kenya in August 2016. I have made a 5 day safari in the north of Kenya. We have seen a lot of game!! An enchanting exprience with special guides!! Thank you for all!! But , expecially, see you soon!

Charly - 5 august 2016

I have been in Kenya last year with Paka Safaris…. I suggest everybody to travel with them because of their experience, professionality, and passion!

David Garcia - 02.09.2016

Our stay and safari have been thrilling. We could not be more satisfied… They led us with experience and competence during our safari.. I advise Paka Safaris to all the people who wish to be travellers , not tourists. We will come back soon for visiting the north of Kenya.

Anna - 03.10.16